Are you ready to fly with Oklahoma's only female airshow performer. Now is your chance to experience the thrill of loops, rolls, hammerheads and spins. No pilot experience required.
20 minute rides for $180.00    Cash, MasterCard or Visa. Gift Certificates Avail.
Book by appointment only.
Located at Sundance Airpark in OK.
Become a confident pilot when or if the unexpected happens. Your family, friends and co workers trust that your prepared...
This will take a couple of days. Unusual attitude training, spin recovery 2 days (approx. $975.00). Must be able to commit to the 2 days. Other course available after
              SEEKING SPONSORS 
  Brand Awareness/ Product exposure
at a inexpensive cost
What better way to get your business recognized in just a few months reaching well over a million spectators. Have your own chalet at the airshow, visit with potential customers and watch a great airshow. Contact me if you have donations
Kelly P 'flying babe"                       
     E Mail:           Happy Aerobatics LLC.     405-620-3998         
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March Jasper, TX
May Altus AFB Oklahoma
June Tinker AFB Oklahoma
          Ada. OK
July James River Missouri
August McPherson, KS
Oct Poteau
2009 Economy crunch
Patriot Festival, Virginia Beach, Powell, Wy
McPherson, KS         
April 19      Stillwater, OK
April 26              Hawkins Field
                           Jackson, MS.
May 10          PWA Wiley Post
May 24           Tinker Air Force
                            MWC, OK
June 7           Festival of Flight
                           99 Museum
                      Oklahoma City
Sept 13       Big Southfork, TN
                     cancel hurricane
Sept 27-28          Alva, OK 
2007    Gainesville, FL
Watonga, OK
            Tinker AFB
             Ada Air Expo, OK
             Thunder over Ohio, IN
             McConnell AFB
         Bellefontaine Airfest, OH
             Alva Festival, OK  
2006 Debut
             Tinker AFB
Scott AFB
McConnell AFB
Alva, OK

    Special thanks to my parents, other family members and friends who support me.
Sean D. Tucker - My mentor The man who introduced me to aerobatics and guides me as I seek perfection.
Ken Erickson - Chief pilot at Sean's school who spent years training me.
Wayne Handley - My special A.C.E. who believes in me. Greg Shelton who helped me receive my surface waiver in 2009.
 To my new friend and designer of N151PS   Steve Stewart@
Thanks to sponsors and supporters:
Jeff -
Greg - Crew chief 
Ray Williams  from Tenn
Gary from Sundance
Gil and Bob from Alva
Nancy and John in Tulsa
David from Oklahoma City
Several individuals who wish to remain anonymous that help on supplies, and maintenance funds.
All my friends in the IAC chapters from Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona who help me seek perfection..
My new friends from ICAS that support my vision, especially Ralph Royce who pulled strings to help start my debut season and fly where  the Thunderbirds where performing at two shows.
Tinker AFB in 2006 - My first show, with an invitation back 2007. McConnell AFB, Scott AFB, Wichita, and Alva.
Friends at -Sundance, El Reno, Alva, Woodward, OPA, WIA, 99's, South OKC Chamber..
All the customers who I've had the pleasure of taking up in my plane. Allowing them to experience what few will ever do, go vertical, loop, roll and smile from the best thrill of their life.

June 11  Cameron, Missouri
               rides available after
               Saturday airshow                and Sunday

July 2-3   Newton, KS
              Aerobatic rides/ fly in

July 8-9   Garfield County
                Rifle, Colorado

August 20-21 Festival of Flight
               Wichita, KS

August 26-27 When Pig's Fly
               McPherson, KS

Sept 10    Airport Days
               Ft Scott, KS 

working on more this season
DAVID COOK (American Idol) and Kelly P backstage at the Patriot Festival 2009
David Cook Patriot Festival, Virginia Beach. Kelly P gets best seat in the house
Young Marines Powell, WY. Sorry the others had to leave before the photo. You are our future. Thanks
Gainesville, FL with the Taco Bell character..My  future husband?
Paul Jr. from Orange Co Choppers. Don't we look good together, ha
Orange Co. Choppers during their grand opening at new store. I think the bike fits me. The guys try to look mean but they were all smiles off camera.
1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA. Standing in stadium before opening ceremony. Only 1500 law enforcement officers from around the world selected for this assignment. What an honor.
 North American Police Ski Championship. All proceeds go to Special Olympics. Speed racing is about hanging on hoping you are somewhere near the end because once out of the shoot, it's all down hill and really fast.
Three generations watching me give a thrill ride to one of their loved ones. Such a awesome picture.
 I gotta keep going, look at the guns Sean. Yes it's all about having fun.
So many dedicated people serving our country and having a few years to be a Thunderbird. Keep our freedom.
Hope he remembers me and invites me to his first sold out concert
Thank you Rich for the picture
Wayne I'm glad you didn't get the jump on my name or I would be in trouble. I like "Flying Babe"
Sean introduced me to this life. The happiness can never be replaced. The struggles are many. The reality is that I am here for a reason in this field. I have to pass on that hard work and believing in what you are doing is going to make a difference in the lives of many people. Happiness is about who we touch in our lives.
Watch on U TUBE some of my videos  Mr JasperBulldogs   search Kelly P Happy Aerobatics/ Kelly Pietrowicz 2010 Tinker AFB Saturday 
Aerobatics Fixed Wing Kelly
Go to and type in my plane N151PS. Let me know what you think on my      FACEBOOK page,       Kelly Pietrowicz.
My family and best supporters.Some are
watching me from Heaven
Screaming Eagles Parachute Team
I was screaming just hanging out with them. Ha.
Bring your children and camera. I want them to remember the excitement and joy.
Tinker Airshow. My family came to my first airshow ever and part of the crew.
Flying is only a small part of the show. This is what I really have a great time doing. The memories they can cherish.
What an honor for me to take Lauren for an aerobatic ride at the Altus Airshow. She loved it and didn't get sick, ha
We all have a message to send and help remember those who keep us free in  United States
I think this kind of flying is pretty normal.. What's your opinion? 
I  trained for years and spend hour after hour working on one maneuver at a time.These photos make it look so graceful.
Thanks Steve.